La faculté de Comptabilité & Business Studies

La faculté de Comptabilité & Business Studies

Our faculty is made up of the following experienced and dedicated teachers, all of whom have worked for many years at the college.

Faculty members:
• Mr. Lutchman Allan (Head of Faculty)
• Mr. Thomas Lindsay (Deputy Rector)
• Mrs. Mooteealoo Reshmi
• Mrs.Thannoo Bina
• Mr. Gunness Ajay

Accounting has been taught with much dedication at the college for a long period of time. Our predecessors had done a remarkable amount of work to make it a popular subject of study among our students. They had put in place a sound framework and this has greatly eased our task. We are much indebted to them. We are doing our best to keep the level up.

Our students used to perform very well at Cambridge School Certificate and Higher School Certificate Examinations. In the faculty, we are all imbued by a sense of team work spirit and this is what has made and is making the difference. Our primary concern is to promote teaching and learning in both subjects of study. We want our students to recall good memories of their times at school when they go down the memory lane.

Business Studies is relatively younger than Accounting at the college. It was introduced in 2002 and it soon became a popular subject of study. There is now a craze for this subject. Our first batch of students took part in SC and HSC examinations in 2002 and the results were above expectations. Since then, our students are doing better and better.

This web-site comes at the right moment as we want to build up more and more interactions with our past students. We also want to exchange and disseminate information which will allow students to widen and deepen their knowledge. We want them to be fully aware of what is happening in the accounting and business world today.


1. Syllabi

 Form 4
 Business Studies 7115 (examination 2013)
 Principles of Accounts 7110 (examination 2013)
 Form 5
 Business Studies 7115 (examination 2012)
 Principles of Accounts 7110 (examination 2012)
 Form 6L      
 Accounting 9706 (examination 2013) | Syllabus update
 Business Studies 9707 (examination 2013)
 Form 6U
 Accounting 9706 (examination 2012) | Syllabus update
 Business Studies 9707 examination 2012)



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