La faculté d'Art & Design

La faculté d'Art & Design

Mrs. Linda Prayag (Head of Faculty)
Mrs. Corinne Duval Latreille
Mr. Anil Bundhoo
Mr. Ronald Gaspard
Mrs. Lylette Grimaud
Miss. Francesca Lelong

“Colour the World”, we do that everyday and it is our moto.
Teaching Art is one thing BUT producing artists is another. The Art Faculty, ever, since it has existed, has seen many of its students become ‘professionals’ in this field, some of whom have been laureates:

Graphics Designers
Fashion Designers
Interior Decorators
Students have always participated in Fresco Painting and Art competitions. Recently, on the occasion of the Independence Day, the Municipality of Quatre Bornes organized an “Outdoor Painting Competition”. The College won the 1st prize, a shield. The winner was Bertrand Duguesclin (Form VI Lower) : he was awarded Rs 5,000 and a shield.

Our faculty is an active one: all decorations for occasions such as the Prize Giving Day, Independence Day, Annual Fancy-Fair, Sports Day and Mass are done by us.


1. Syllabi

 Form 4
 Art and Design 6005 (examination 2013)
 Form 5
 Art and Design 6005 (examination 2012)
 Form 6L
 Art and Design 9393 (examination 2013)
 Form 6U    
 Art and Design 9393 (examination 2012)



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