La faculté de Chimie

La faculté de Chimie

The Chemistry Department consist of seven teachers and two laboratory attendants.

The teachers are:

Mrs Prema Bhoobeechun (Bsc). She is also the Head of the Integrated Science Department.

Mrs Martine Bienaimé-Antonio (Bsc). She is also Head of the Moral Department.

Mrs Prabha Dhoonooah (Bsc, PGCE). She is also Dean of studies of Upper VI and the college Careers Adviser.

Mr Nirendranath F Morarjee ( Bsc, Msc, PGCE). He is Head of the Chemistry Department.

Mr Jocelin Niven (Bsc, PGCE). He is also Vice Rector of the college.

Mr Ashik Panchoo ( Bsc, PGCE). He also teaches Physics up to Form V.

Mr Denis C. Sullivan (Bsc, PGCE).

The two laboratory attendants are:
Mr Jeewan Burgee
Mr Christian Felix


1. Syllabi

 Form 4         
 O-Level chemistry 5070 (examination 2013)
 Form 5
 O-Level chemistry 5070 (examination 2012)
 Form 6L
 A-Level chemistry 9701 (examination 2013)
 Form 6U
 A-Level chemistry 9701 (examination 2012)



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