La faculté d'Informatique

La faculté d'Informatique

Faculty members:
• Mr. Chris Gunnoo (Head of Faculty)
• Mr. Ronald Gaspard
• Mrs. Ariane Oxenham
• Mr. Anil Seeboo (Computer attendant)

Computer is only recent, almost 30 years, but through it we can see 5000 years of human development and witness the tremendous effects it has on the individual, work and society.

The computer department’s teaching mission is to provide a learning environment, through its well equipped computer labs and faculty members, to enable our students to develop skills and equip themselves with computer theory, problem solving, and practical applications to deal with this ever changing world.

Computer ICT is compulsory for form 1 to 3 and is considered to be an integral part of the student’s education and development. Our faculty leads the way in exploring the foundations of information technology and using that knowledge to equip the students with tools that transform the way they live and work.

To students taking computer studies and computing at SC and HSC level, our faculty and staff are dedicated to offering educational programs that prepare them for the world of work through projects which they work with businessmen in the real world, imparting to them knowledge and technology that contributes to solving problems facing modern society, providing an environment that fosters academic excellence at the SC and HSC levels, and promoting a spirit that enhances the world community’s quality of life.

Our challenge is the development of e-learning by integrating technology with contents to make learning more effective.


1. Syllabi 

 Form 4      
 Computer Studies 7010 (examination 2013)
 Form 5
 Computer Studies 7010 (examination 2012)
 Form 6L
 Computing 9691 (examination 2013)
 Form 6U
 Computing 9691 (examination 2012)




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