La faculté de Design & Technology

La faculté de Design & Technology

It is unthinkable to develop a school curriculum without Design and Technology. Today’s world is governed by technology. Whether we like it or not, use it or not, we are surrounded by Hi-Tech artefacts which are meant to simplify our lives. The main purpose of Design and Technology in education is to provide to youngsters the necessary awareness to allow them to be not only intelligent users of technology, but to appreciate fully and perhaps participate in their surrounding environment.

Design and Technology is of a varied nature. This is obvious from the fact that Technology encompasses all aspects of life, ranging from industry, communication, food, art, toys, medical, entertainment to flora and fauna management. Many Mauritian boys colleges include in the D.T. curriculum mainly resistant material science which together with a good position of graphical communication skill allow students to develop their creativity.

Mauritian girls colleges are mainly concerned with Food and Nutrition, Fashion and Fabrics, but the aims are the same : Facilitate understanding of materials, develop creativity and be able to cope with the regular innovations.

Technical side in Mauritian education has always been considered to be for those who were not particularly academically gifted. At Collège du Saint Esprit, this belief has been proved to be totally wrong! Our students have shown that they do enjoy literature, science or art as well as polishing wood or welding mild steel.



1. Syllabi


 Form 4  CDT: Design and Communication 7048 (examination 2013)
   Design and Technology 6043 (examination 2013)
 Form 5  CDT: Design and Communication 7048 (examination 2012)
   Design and Technology 6043 (examination 2012)
 Form 6L  Design and Technology 9705 (examination 2013)
 Form 6U      Design and Technology 9705 (examination 2012)




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