La faculté d'Anglais

La faculté d'Anglais

The English Department at Collège du Saint Esprit is the largest and one of the core departments of the school.

The department consists of 13 highly qualified Educators whose motto is “excellence at all cost”. The high degree of professionalism of the department has borne its fruit with students winning every year English language contests at both National and International Levels. (English Speaking Union, Elocution contest, Mon Desert Mon Trésor, Power Point, Mock United Nations, Brainstorming).

It should be highlighted that the school won the Mon Desert Mon Trésor Award for four consecutive years and the English Speaking Union Elocution contest for the last two years. Last year, we came first at International level!

The Department also monitors a wide variety of additional extracurricular activities ranging from elocution contests, debating, Impromptu Speaking Competition, Spelling Bee contest as well as Essay writing contests at different levels.

However, these extra-curricular activities do not affect our academic achievement. In fact, they boost our performance. Indeed this year the department has set a new record with 69 “a” grade in General Paper at Higher School Certificate level and a bouquet of 1’s in Literature in English at Form V Level.

The key of efficiency of our department lies within the high qualifications of all its members as well as their keen devotion to the welfare of the students. The Department lives the school “Mission Statement” on a day to day basis and the results speak for themselves.



1. Syllabi


 Form 4  English - Language (for Mauritius) 1125 (examination 2013)
   Literature in English 2010 (examination 2013)
 Form 5  English - Language (for Mauritius) 1125 (examination 2012)
   Literature in English 2010 (examination 2012)
 Form 6L  General Paper 8009 (examination 2013)
   English - Literature 9695 (examination 2013)
 Form 6U       General Paper 8009 (examination 2012)
   English - Literature 9695 (examination 2012)




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