Careers Education and Guidance 2012

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Careers Education and Guidance 2012

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Convention 2012 (TQM IN EDUCATION)


Too often the terms career and job have been confused with each other. A job is defined as any definite piece of work, which might be of temporary nature, while a career is considered to be a cause of progress through life. A career affects several aspects of an individual's life, from shaping one's values, attitudes and habits, influencing one's choice of friends and leisure activities, to one's very socio-economic identity.

Have you  ever realised that:

(a) 5 year olds can talk about the job they want when they grow up?

(b) 6-8 year olds have already begun to narrow down the number of occupations they are prepared to consider in the      future?

(c) Students as from form l have the capacity to understand career development. This suggests that Careers Education and Guidance should be at the heart of a school's personal development process which helps students to acquire attitudes, skills and knowledge that will:

  • Help them understand themselves e.g. strengths, weaknesses, interests, values, learning styles and achievements.
  • Explore viable education and career options.
  • Make informed decisions and develop plans to achieve their career aspirations.
  • Prepare them for the transition to their post-school environment and for the personal adjustment that will be required.

Careers Education and Guidance was introduced at College du Saint Esprit in 1995 and through our limited means, we have tried to attribute to the all-round development of the student, preparing him for responsible.
Methods of implementation  that have been used include:

  • Talks given by the careers officers from Careers Guidance Service to students and parents at Form 3 level.
  • Visits to workplaces for Form 4 students so that they get the feel of the world of work.
  • Students attending open days at various institutions.
  • Talks by University Representatives to acquaint students with Information pertaining to university life.
  • Mini-Careers fair where the student has the opportunity to have a one-to-one counselling with representatives from Universities and other Institutions, both local and abroad.
  • Talks on careers by ex-students.
  • A careers corner in the Library where students can consult prospectuses.
  • Information session about how to fill UCAS Forms for Form 6 Upper students.

An additional activity prpoposed for 2012 is to intrioduce pupils to the techniques of writing a Curriculum Vitae and giving an Interview.

We feel that the implementation has met with a degree of success. However, the aims of Careers Education and Guidance can be achieved by the involvement of not only Careers teachers but also subject teachers, the Management and parents. The methodology and implementation differ from one school to another since it depends on a number of factors such as:

  1. Resources available.
  2. Socio-Economic background of the student.
  3. Orientation of the school.

Nowadays, much stress is being laid upon this aspect of education as a result of the awareness of the fact that manpower is the major national asset for most countries and an individual can contribute positively only if he is successful in assuming his different roles throughout his life as taught to him through Careers Education and Guidance.

The benefits of Career Education and Guidance are similar to those brought about by the practice of Yoga. Careers Education and guidance encourages self-analysis, helping one to probe into one's inner self, and thus leads to harmony between mind and body. This harmony ultimately results in good choices and their implementation.



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