La faculté de Physique

Physics is at the roots of all sciences.

The Physics department is the largest science department at Collège du Saint Esprit. The average number of candidates yearly sitting for HSC Physics is just above 110. The department has ten members, of which six are Physics graduates and two laboratory attendants. Four of the graduate teachers joined the department after 2006. There is a very good team spirit prevailing among the physics teachers.

Our aim in the Physics department is to inexorably reduce the amount of rote learning. This is a daunting task as too often this deep rooted habit is the students’ short-cut to score in exams.

For the past few years, special attention has been given to better equipping the laboratories with the necessary hardware for carrying out practical works. There is still a lot to do in the field of ICT and classroom demonstration hardware. In the senior school, the department has two laboratories, a dark room, a demonstration room and a small preparation room.



1. Syllabi


 Form 4  O-Level physics 5054 (examination 2013)
 Form 5  O-Level physics 5054 (examination 2012)
 Form 6L  A-Level physics 9702 (examination 2013) | Erratum
 Form 6U      A-Level physics 9702 (examination 2012) | Erratum




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