La faculté des Sciences sociales

La faculté des Sciences sociales

The objective of Commercial Studies is to indicate pupils in the basics of world of finance and development and create awareness of commercial and business activities within a modern economy.

It includes such challenging subjects as Economics, Business Studies and Principles of Accounts.

Social Studies includes the study of History, Geography and Sociology. This program is a continuation of what students had learned at upper primary in history and geography. In history, students are made aware of the past so as to understand the evolution of modern society. Geography addresses the ways in which human beings have changed their physical environment and how it has impacted on the state of the planet. It also includes global warming.

Sociology looks at contemporary issues related to our fast changing society. For a dynamic multi-cultural and multi-dimensional society, it is vital that students are familiar with such issues as culture, family, social justice and poverty.

The syllabus of Social Studies of Form 1, Form 2 and Form 3 provides students with a knowledge base to understand changes in society. They will examine the events, beliefs and traditions which have shaped our world. It will thus help students to develop a sense of citizenship and a genuine concern for the mauritian culture and physical environment of Mauritius.

These subjects focus on issues that touch students in the present interaction and prepare them to meet future challenges. They also prepare them to make the right choice based on their aptitude, attitudes and ability to harness critical knowledge in their search of academic excellence and career path.



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